Here's the Perfect Layout for Your Personal Brand Website

Having a personal brand is more important than ever.

We live in a world where we're all exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. We're bombarded with offers from all kinds of companies both big and small.

And let's be honest...we're sick of it.

We're sceptical and we're bored of seeing the same old stuff all the time.

We crave connections with real people, and having a good personal brand is a great way to break through the noise and stand out in a sea of sameness online.

A website is a key part of a personal brand. Get it right and it can build credibility, get you more leads, more sales and generate all kinds of opportunities for you.

I'm going to show you how to structure your own personal brand website by breaking down an awesome example from Alex Cattoni.

Let's dive in...

Who's Alex Cattoni?

Alex is a copywriting expert and entrepreneur. She founded Copy Posse, a global community of copywriters. She does a great job of personal branding and she is well worth studying if you want to create an authentic, professional and effective personal branding website for yourself.

Let's take a look section by section to see what makes it so good...

The Hero Area

Alex's hero area does a few things really well:

It tells you what she does with a simple and easy to understand heading and introduction.
It shows you who she is and gives the impression of a friendly and professional person thanks to her excellent photography.
It promotes her email list - probably one of her most important assets.
It builds credibility due to the logos of recognisable and respected brands.

Overall, this is a great hero area. Personally, I'd use a more traditional layout for the logo and navigation. I'd also change the navigation icon. The current one might not be obvious to all visitors that it is a clickable icon. I feel like those changes would improve usability slightly.

The About Section

The next section on Alex's website is the about section. Like other section of the website, she uses a high quality, professional photo showing her smiling. Images like this build trust and likeability and Alex uses them perfectly.

She gives a brief summary of her background with a link to her full story. The copy is easy to read and easy to scan.

The Testimonial Section

The next section is the testimonial section. This is an essential section for anyone offering services online. Alex displayed three great testimonials. I like the way she uses a title for the testimonial to summarise what they say. I also like how she makes important statements bold which makes everything easier to scan. I'd try to add more testimonials here though.

The 'Work With Alex' Section

Now that Alex has introduced herself and shown her credibility, she tells you about the different ways she can help you.

Alex offers three different services which she displays clearly in neat boxes. The copy is clear and straightforward and the CTA's stand out nicely.

This section is tied together by another image of Alex smiling. Once again, she adds to the friendly, approachable but professional vibe of her personal brand.

Link to Products

In the next section, Alex adds links to her other websites and programs.

These sections stand out well and do a good job of showing the other things that Alex offers. If you have your own courses or programs, this is a great way to display them.

Links to Socials

In the next section, Alex shows where else you can find her around the web.

She's got a big following on YouTube and she dedicated a whole section to promoting her channel - a very good idea.

She also shows where else she's been featured around the web which adds more credibility to her already strong brand.

The Contact Section & Footer

The final part of Alex's website is the contact section and footer.

She keeps these sections very simple. There's no reason to overcomplicate them after all. Alex uses another high-quality image for the contact section and includes a very short form. I'd make the CTA and form stand out more. She could also add some punch to the copy rather than just saying 'Contact me below'.

The footer is fine, but could be better. It contains links to important sections as well as the usual terms and privacy links which are where you would expect to find them. 

The opt-in form feels like an afterthought here and could be improved. I'd make the fields stand out and expand the copy explaining the benefits of signing up. I'd also fix the spacing and have the signup form on the right with all other elements on the left.


To summarise, Alex uses this excellent structure for her website:

The hero area
About section
Work with me / services

This is an ideal structure for a personal website, so if your building one for yourself give this structure a try.

Ideally, you'll have plenty of high-quality images to go on the website showing you how you want your audience to perceive you. In Alex's case, this is friendly, relaxed and approachable. Look at her other websites and social channels and you'll notice the same type of images throughout. Her personal brand is excellent, and we can all learn a lot from her.

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