We Provide the Outsourced Contractors You Need to Deliver Your IT Projects Successfully

Save money and guarantee project success by using our day rate consultants. Outsource your project in full or supplement your existing team with additional skills.

Struggling to find the talent you need to deliver your IT projects on time and on budget?

Finding the right people to get your projects done right is hard. 

Our clients come to us because they are sick of wasting time and energy trying to find IT service providers only to be let down by over-charging or under-delivering.

Our broad technical background and world-class outreach and recruitment combination has enabled us to provide thousands of IT hires for firms like Amazon, Capita, Santander, and Capgemini.

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Outcome based service

Each consultant has a clear measure of success agreed at the outset. We'll provide weekly reporting of progress and you get service credits applied back to you for any consultant under-performance.


Rapid Delivery

We know speed is important to you. With Techolony, It can take as little as 48 hours from request to commencing work.



Bolster your team with fractional directors or niche technology specialists for just a few days each month or book full time delivery consultants for specific projects. You'll get a UK team by default but we can also provide nearshore consultants.



We can provide 300+ consultants in a range of areas including strategy, consulting and technology delivery.

Why Us?

We're a colony of technology savvy, approachable and experienced ICT consultants with a collaborative, hive-like mentality for providing the specialists you need to enhance your in-house teams.


Lower day rates* for CRM, HRIS and ERP consultants


Consultants ready to help deliver your  IT projects.


Increase in engineering output compared to agency workforce solutions.

11+ years of delivering top talent 
Wide range of niche specialists available
Fast results

11+ Years

Delivering top talent for a wide range of companies in industries including fintech, spectator sports, financial services, igaming and environment.

Consultants are monitored and
governed by our in-house project manager. Choose consultants on a full-time or fractional basis.

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Meet the founder

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Nick Hague

How We Work

We are the gold standard for excellence,
collaborative working, and speed of execution

Something about the Consult-ant+ service and why it is unique.

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Step-by-step process explanation or benefits of Consult-ant+ below - or provide a list of projects that Consult-ant+ has worked on - salesforce setup etc...

Objective definition
Target audience precision
Compelling Ad creatives
Continuous analysis
Strategic campaign launch
Ongoing optimization

What others have to say about working with Techolony

Trust and collaboration are the two reasons we use Techolony. Their personable and transparent approach along with strong communication built trust within our stakeholder community very quickly.

Persons name

“ We selected Techolony as they aren’t just ‘techies’. They understood from the outset that implementing Salesforce
for us was as much of a business change project as a technical one. It seemed to be something that our other tender responders couldn’t grasp.

Persons name

We have not experienced a contractor recruitment service before where each consultant is measured against Key Performance Indicators.

Persons name

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Where to find us

Chester: 22 Nicholas Street, CH1 2NX

Cambridge: Future Business Centre Cambridge Campus Kings Hedges Road Cambridge CB4 2HY

T: 0333 043 5757

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