Landing page / sales page

Consistency with ads

When you drive traffic to a landing page from an ad, the design and tone of the ad should follow through to the landing page. There should be no doubt in the user’s mind that where they arrive is related to the ad they clicked on. Any confusion here will result in high bounce rates and wasted money.

This example from Rheal shows how their Facebook ad and their landing page are consistent:

Here’s another example for a digital marketing product:

The call to action

Landing pages should be very specific. They should be tailored to the marketing campaign driving traffic to them and be focussed around one single goal. Use one clear primary call to action to avoid any distraction or confusion about what you want the visitor to do.

Minimal distractions

Landing pages should be focussed on one goal so anything unnecessary should be removed.

Heyflow use this minimal landing page with distraction and some external links removed:

This sales page has no navigation at all. The user only has two options, sign up or leave.

Features, benefits, results & unique selling points

Show your visitors the features, benefits and/or unique selling points clearly. This can be done easily and effectively with an icon along with a brief description of what makes you different or what the benefits of your product or service are.

You can also use sections with more detailed descriptions of the features, benefits and results of using your product or service.

How it works section

Your visitors should be able to learn how your product or service works quickly. It should be explained simply using effective copy along with icons and/or images to explain the process.


Using scarcity messaging can boost conversions, but make sure that it is genuine. When we perceive something as being scarce, it becomes more attractive. That is why scarcity can boost conversions.


Urgency is often confused with scarcity but it is different. Urgency is based on time. Scarcity is based on quantity.

Use urgency to push visitors to take action. Display offers and rewards for acting fast. Tell them how they will miss out if they miss deadlines – higher prices, slower shipping etc

High quality explainer video & images

Your landing page needs to highlight how your product or service works with high quality images and/or video. Doing this helps the visitor imagine themself using your product or service and answers many of the questions that they will have based on how the product or service will work.

This is more important for new ideas or products that the visitor may not be familiar with.

Don’t rely on text alone. Show them exactly what happens when they use your product or service. Images are far more powerful than words.

Statistics & figures

Statistics and figures help highlight impressive metrics regarding your product or service. By using exact figures, they are more believable. Being specific is powerful. Always avoid vague claims and be specific when you can.