Value proposition

A value proposition is a statement that explains what benefit you provide, who you help, and why you are different. The visitor should be able to find this out within the first few seconds of visiting your website.

A value proposition can consist of a headline, subheading, bullets and tagline, but you don’t need all of these elements.

This hero area from New Horizons clearly shows who this is for (anyone who wants a small loan), what the benefit is (get up to £5000) and why there are different (instant decision). This is all done in one short heading.

This is how Basecamp shows who this is for (anyone who wants a project management platform), what the benefit is (simple and effective) and why there are different (they don’t over-complicate things).

Here is another value proposition. Notice how they show the main benefit (learn professional content creation), who they help (anyone who wants to produce cinematic and emotional videos without figuring it out on your own), and what makes them different (do it in just 14 days).

Here is another value proposition used on an e-commerce landing page. This is clearly for anyone who wants better health. The benefit is feeling like your healthiest self and what makes them different is simplicity.

Displaying the main benefits

When a visitor arrives on your webpage you need to grab their attention and tell them why they should choose you. Chances are, they have seen other websites offering something similar so make sure your benefits are on display.

Highlight current offers and deals

Once you’ve grabbed the visitor’s interest with a good value proposition and shown them the benefits of choosing you, give them a nudge to take action quickly by showing any offers or deals you have running.

Show the company background

Your visitors want to find out more about you. Once they know that you can help solve their problem, build trust by telling them about the founder or the company’s background. If users know and like you, they are more likely to buy.

Contact information

It is very important for contact information to be clear. Display any phone numbers or physical addresses. Show social media icons etc. Make it clear that you are a real company with ways to be contacted.

On service based webpages, people often expect a contact link on the far right of the menu. For all types of websites, contact information is expected in the footer.

On landing pages, you may want to remove some links in order to minimise distractions but visitors should still be able to see that they can contact you if they need to.

Social proof

Make it very clear that you are a trusted company or individual by showing some social proof above the fold. Ideally, reviews from a third-party service like Trustpilot should be used.

Use trust building logos

Using logos from publications featured in, clients worked with and awards won can boost conversion rates.

Easy navigation

The homepage typically acts like a shop front for your website or store. It should tell visitors what you offer and make it easy for them to find more information.

Sections should be clearly identified and grouped together so that the visitor can find what they are looking for easily.

The most important pages of your website should be prioritised first like Babymat does here:

This is how Arbtech groups its wide range of services and puts its most common ones first to aid navigation.

Use a social wall

A ‘social wall’ is a large section of social proof. Typically it is a full-width wall of testimonials, reviews, user-generated content, before and after pictures, social media screenshots etc.

These elements can be very powerful.

User generated images and videos

These elements can be very powerful because they are trusted more than typical reviews or testimonials. If you have some, be sure to showcase them in your social proof sections. If you don’t have any, make it a priority to get some.

When your visitors see real users using and benefiting from your product or service it triggers the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Pro tip: use billo.app to get user generated videos quickly and easily.